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Doughnut Stroller Clip Toy


Hungry?! Well, your baby might be once they see this adorable silicone doughnut stroller clip toy. 

The Doughnut is textured on one side to provide maximum relief for your little one's sore teething gums. The thick, circular shape of the doughnut gives relief to teething babies and to parents knowing that this a singular food-grade silicone piece attached their their stroller, carrier or car seat. The bright and playful colors are sure to engage your little one while providing much needed relief during the tough teething period.

  • Knotted between each bead for extra safety
  • Safety Plastic "O" ring
  • Fits most car or wearable baby carriers
  • The Doughnut is 2 1/4" in diameter. 
  • The length of the entire clip is Approximately 12"

The teether & beads are made from 100% food grade silicone. Our products are free from harmful chemicals.